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Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia
When It's Time...Give Your Pet The Final Gift...A Peaceful Passing at Home.

Please Note: Dr. Whala IS still taking appointments during this time to help critically ill and suffering pets pass peacefully in their home. However special measures will be taken to ensure the safety and health of everyone. Please let Dr Whala know if you have any questions, requests or concerns.

Locate a Vet in Your Area

Locate a Vet in Your Area

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when it’s time?
Sleeping cat

When is it time? The following are several signs that may indicate your pet is no longer enjoying a good quality of life

  • Your pet is having trouble breathing, weakness, or extreme lethargy.
  • Your pet has nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea that cannot be resolved by treatment from a veterinarian.
  • Your pet experiences chronic pain that doesn’t go away even with medication.
  • Your pet finds it very difficult to walk or cannot get up.
  • Your pet is refusing to eat or drink.
  • Your pet is having trouble urinating or defecating.
  • Your pet has had a significant behavior change and has lost interest in his or her favorite activities

Download the Quality of Life Scale and visit our Knowing When It’s Time page.

What to Expect — the procedure

The Euthanasia process begins with the veterinarian carefully assessing your pet’s condition and tailoring the procedure to meet you and your pet’s unique needs and requests.

  • A medication called a sedative is first administered using a small needle under the skin. Most pets do not detect the needle but very rarely, some very sensitive pets may feel a slight sting. This sedative helps with any anxiety and discomfort your pet may feel. Gradually your pet will begin to welcome the deep sleep over the course of 5–20 minutes depending on your pet’s condition. Many times, this medication enables a painful or ill pet a chance to be pain free for the first time. Occasionally additional sedative is provided to ensure your pet is embraced in a deep-sleep like state and will not respond to stimuli. The following signs may be seen during this step
    • Sometimes twitching of the legs may occur as if dreaming
    • Rarely vomiting (especially if pet has been vomiting. The sedative may not prevent further vomiting)
    • Increased urge to urinate and/or defecate
    • Eyes may remain open
    During this time you can be with your dog or cat and give him or her lots of love and reassurance as they slowly drift into a deep painless sleep.
  • Once your pet is in a deep sleep the final injection will be given either in a vein in the back leg or under a towel in the belly. This second injection results in a peaceful and irreversible unconsciousness followed by loss of respiration (breathing) and ultimately stoppage of the heart. If this final injection occurs in the vein (most patients), this step can take a few seconds to several minutes. If this injection is given in the belly it can take considerably longer. The resulting transition from life to death is painless. Your veterinarian will confirm that your pet has passed using a stethoscope and listening to the heart.
  • After the euthanasia, you may take as much time as you need with your pet after they have passed. You’ll have the opportunity to be with your dog or cat throughout this entire process to help him or her to be calm and comforted. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you and your pet through this very difficult time.
  • We will then take care of all aftercare arrangements for you per your request which may include the option of Burial or Cremation. This allows you to focus on taking care of yourself and your loved ones after you say goodbye.

Your pet’s remains will then be handled in accordance with your request. If at any point throughout the procedure you would like additional time or have any special requests we will do our best to help and give you the time you need. Our goal is to help your pet’s passing be as dignified and peaceful as possible

Euthanasia Information
What does the Euthanasia Service Fee include?

Services include up to a 2 hour visit (If you request additional time, it will be $50 for each additional 30 minutes). Most appointments take approximately 1 hour on average

  • A discussion with you about your concerns, thoughts or questions regarding the process.
  • Sedation injection(s) to help ease any discomfort, any pain and anxiety
  • Euthanasia, the final gift
  • Memorial Keepsake — Noseprint and/or paw print inkprint (optional) and/or lock of hair.
  • Clay paw print (PawPals foam impression print which your Veterinarian will make at your home)
  • Death Certificate (optional)
  • Transportation to crematory if you choose (see aftercare pricing)
  • Courtesy Notification of event to your family vet

Aftercare services such as cremation and/or burial are additional. See Pricing list.

How Can I Prepare for the Appointment

Dog by Sunset

Things to do Ahead of Time

We seek to be supportive of your desires and flexible about the location of your pet’s transition. Is your dog most comfortable in the back yard? That’s OK. We will help your pet wherever he or she is the most comfortable. Do you wish to have a special ceremony or say a special prayer? We support your desire to have end-of-life rituals and ceremonies. Furthermore, we support your wish to enhance your pet’s experience by creating a calm, relaxing environment through the use of candles, soft blankets and music.

  • Provide a large blanket or bed sheet or towels that the vet can keep with your pet
  • If your pet is still eating, save some of his/her favorite treats for hand feeding during the sedation. You can give small pieces of chocolate, tuna or any of his/her favorite treats. There are no restrictions
  • Consider lighting candles, soft music or having a prayer or poem to read
  • Any special location can be chosen as long as its accessible for the vet and is comfortable for you and your pet including the couch, grassy area in the yard or a meaningful spot in the house
  • Will your friends, family want to be present? Either physically or via skype/facetime?
  • Will you want a pawprint, inkprint or clip of hair as a memorial? Let your Peaceful Passing veterinarian know of your request
  • Would you like a special item such as a drawing, letter, flowers or blanket sent with the pet if you wish to have cremation services performed?
  • Consider whether you would like transportation services for burial at the pet cemetery, or at home? Or whether you would prefer cremation services with return of cremains in special urn?
What if there are no available appointments?

If you have an emergency and are unable to reach our Peaceful Passing veterinarians, please refer to the following 24 hour Emergency veterinary hospitals in Fresno :

  1. Fresno Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Clinic (FVSEC)

    Phone: (559) 451‑0800
    Address: 6606 N. Blackstone Ave, Fresno CA 63710
  2. 24/7 Pet Vets (formerly VES)

    Phone: (559) 486‑0520
    Address: 1707 N. Fresno Street, Fresno CA 93703
  3. Pet ER

    Phone: (559) 437‑3799
    Address: 7375 N. Palm Bluffs Ave, Fresno CA 93711

The following are mobile veterinarians in the Fresno area that also provide home euthanasia services. They are not affiliated with Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia.

  1. Dr. Sue House Calls — Open M–F, weekends by appointment. Contact Dr. Sue Lynch at (559) 241&8209;4240
  2. NCC Pet Rescue – Contact Dr. Jessica Palacios for Appointment at (559) 800‑6088
  3. Dr. Patrick Smith Veterinary Housecalls — — Contact Dr. Patrick Smith at (559) 447‑9644
What Options Do I have for After the Euthanasia Procedure?

You will need to make a decision as to how you want to care for your pets body. There are several options available to you and will depend upon finances, your personal preferences and other factors. Prior to the procedure, your veterinarian will ask how you would like to care for your pet’s body.

  • Private Cremation: Your pet’s body can be cremated at the Fresno Pet Cemetery which has crematory for pets. Your pet will be cremated individually and the resulting ashes will be returned to you in a standard urn. There are a wide variety of urns available to you. After the procedure, if you have elected private cremation, you may choose a storage container that you prefer directly through the pet cemetery. Cremation services are based on pet weight — see Price List
  • Group Cremation: You may chose to have your pet cremated with other pets. In this case, your pets ashes will not be returned, but will be respectively scattered on the Fresno Pet Cemetery grounds along with other pets. This option is less expensive than the private cremation option.
  • Burial at Home: If it’s allowed where you live (please check with your zoning restrictions as most cities do not allow pet burial), you may be able to bury your pet at home. Many people prefer this, but consider that you may move. **If you request a cardboard casket to facilitate burial, please let your veterinarian know when scheduling the appointment
  • Burial at Fresno Pet Cemetery: The Fresno Pet Cemetery has a cemetery grounds similar to a human cemetery. If you prefer this option, please contact Fresno Pet Cemetery directly to make arrangements prior to the euthanasia service whenever possible.
coffin urn tombstone
What are some creative ways of memorializing my pet?

  • Have your pet buried or cremated with a favorite blanket, t-shirt, or toy.
  • Play soft music, light candles, and shower them with love during their passing.
  • Release a balloon.
  • Read a poem or say a prayer.
  • Request a clay or ink paw print, ink nose print, or lock of hair.
  • Post an online tribute.
  • Conduct a formal funeral to bury ashes or pet (cardboard caskets are available from Peaceful Passing).
  • Spread your pet’s ashes at a special place.
  • Create a stepping stone for your garden or to mark the place of burial.
  • Turn a favorite photo into a canvas print.
  • Contact Fresno Pet cemetery and choose a special urn or locket for your pet’s ashes.
  • Order a custom stuffed animal of your pet to cherish
  • Get a small tattoo of your pet’s ink paw or nose print.
  • Have a memorial vehicle sticker made.
  • Plant a tree in your pet’s honor.
  • Donate to an animal welfare foundation in your pet’s honor.
What should I do with the body?

  • Home burial (check city ordinances)
  • Pet cemetery burial
  • Communal or private cremation
  • Transport to your vet clinic
How do I know I’m really getting only my pet’s ashes back?

The sanctity of the cremation process is extremely important to us. We use an ID system to track your pet’s remains, but to minimize any concern, you can choose to transport your pet to Fresno Pet Cemetery yourself.

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