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Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia Peaceful Passing At-Home Pet Euthanasia

Serving Fresno & Clovis, CA(559) 475-8153

Serving Fresno, Clovis & Madera, CA Phone: (559) 475-8153

Our Euthanasia Procedure

Cat in Field

We strive to make this difficult time as personalized and as comfortable as possible. During your appointment, your Peaceful Passing veterinarian will address any concerns you may have. You will be asked to sign a euthanasia consent form and to pay for the appointment.

Your pet will be given a sedative/pain killer combination medication through a small injection needle under the skin to help ease your pet through this process. Your pet will slowly become unconscious and once deeply asleep, the euthanasia solution will be administered. It may be normal for some pets (depending on their underlying conditions) to experience reflexive breathing, tremors, bladder or bowel release, and sometimes vomiting during the transition from life to death. This can occur whether the pet's transition from life to death is natural or assisted.

If desired, we will make a keepsake memorial paw print for you and provide you with the following if desired: a lock of your pet’s fur, a death certificate, transportation for cremation (if elected), and as a courtesy, we will notify your veterinarian of your pet’s passing.

Paw print

In-home euthanasia services cost $300 for an appointment lasting up to two hours. Appointments usually last one hour, however, additional time can be requested at $50 for each additional half hour (please request in advance).

Prior to your appointment, prepare the location of your pet’s passing. You may want soft music, candles, or a special passage to read. We will need a soft blanket or other linens that can stay with your pet, and if cremation is chosen, you may want to have special items ready (such as flowers or a favorite toy) to accompany your pet. If your pet is still eating, you are welcome to feed him or her special treats during the sedation.

Euthanasia Appointment

($300 per private home visit)


  • Sedation tailored to your pet's comfort level and condition
  • Euthanasia medication
  • All supplies to help your pet transition as peacefully as possible
  • Keepsake pawprint memorial (if desired)
  • Lock of fur (if desired)
  • Certificate of Death (if desired)
  • Courtesy notification to your veterinarian

Aftercare Services & Pricing

Varies based on weight (see below)

If you choose cremation, we will coordinate that service through Fresno Pet Cemetery and provide transportation for your pet’s remains. The cost of cremation will simply be added to your Peaceful Passing appointment.
*Please note - Cremation cost includes transportation of your pet to the Pet Cemetery

0 - 3 pounds $55
4 - 30 pounds $75
31 - 60 pounds $95
61 - 90 pounds $150
91- 140 pounds $200
141 + pounds $240+
Group cremation is an option for pet owners who do not want any ashes returned. The Fresno Pet Cemetery will cremate your pet along with other pets together and will scatter the mixed ashes on the Cemetery site. You may visit the site through arrangements made directly with Fresno Pet Cemetery.
0 - 3 pounds $155
4 - 30 pounds $225
31 - 60 pounds $250
61 - 90 pounds $345
91- 140 pounds $395
141 + pounds $455+
Please note - These prices have been marked up from costs charged by Fresno Pet Cemetery to accommodate transportation of your pet by your Peaceful Passing veterinarian to the Fresno Pet Cemetery. If you wish to make arrangements directly with Fresno Pet Cemetery, please call (559) 266-6753.

We feel the sanctity of the cremation process is extremely important to the pet owner and both Peaceful Passing Veterinarians and Fresno Pet Cemetery highly regard all owner wishes. Each pet is individually placed in a crematory chamber, with a steel number tag to definitively identify the pet throughout the process. This process helps ensure that only the pet’s cremains will be returned to their owner, however, we understand that sometimes a pet parent’s peace-of-mind is better served by taking their pet to the Fresno Pet Cemetery themselves. We will do everything we can to help guide you during this transition and assist you in contacting Fresno Pet Cemetery so your wishes are carried out to your utmost satisfaction.

Burial Options

To have your pet buried on Fresno Pet Cemetery grounds, contact the cemetery directly at (559) 266‑6753. You may be permitted to bury your pet’s remains on your own or a friend’s private property. Please check and observe local laws and regulations before doing so.

Payment Options

Payment can be made by major credit cards, cash, personal checks and with the low monthly payment plan Scratchpay.

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